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This never would have happened without the current president.

But that will now change. As I write this, not every race has been called, and yet women have already shattered a multitude of glass ceilingsamong them:.

At least 23 women have accused President Donald Trump of sexual . this phony allegation by someone looking to get some free publicity,". A man accused of groping a woman on a plane says the US president said told US police that President Donald Trump had said it was OK to grab women. The man was charged in New Mexico with "abusive sexual contact". 61 things Donald Trump has said about women. October 16 "Look at that face. "Does she look presidential, fellas? . On whether he's had sex with a black woman: "Well, it depends on what your definition of black is.

But there are countless other women, from attorneys to veterans, who also won congressional races tonight. While some will draw easy comparisons between andfor me the real comparison is between the years just before both elections.

From a sitting president who has previously bragged about committing sexual Lady looking sex Donaldto a supreme court nominee not just accused of sexual harassment like Thomas was, but actual assaultbecame the year of the woman, in large part because women felt under siege. Had Donald Trump not won the presidency, had it been Hillary Clinton or even a decent man like John Kasich, it is quite possible fewer women would have run for office this year. A lookkng professor once told me that the primary ways to motivate people are through the promise of pleasure or the fear of pain, and fear is Ladj more convincing.

While I wish a lot of women ran for office because they grew up being made to believe that they have a right to power, just as much as plenty of men grow up believing they do, the truth is a lot of women ran this year because they feared for their daughters.

While Hillary Clinton certainly inspired a lot of girls and women with her close calls at winning the White House, Donald Trump managed to do something even more important. That includes members of Congress Lady looking sex Donald even lookiing candidates, since those laws have an extraordinary impact on local communities and often provide checks and balances for the federal government, such as on policies like immigration.

But the other takeaway of this historic year of the woman is this: Both generated streams of flattering press coverage, for good reason. But both lost their races.

Meanwhile, there were so many incredible women who were not just longshots, but real shot candidates with incredible stories and backgrounds of their owns.

A number of them won.

We all know, media coverage begets all sorts of things, from donations to volunteers to momentum. With only a few exceptions, most of the female candidates running this year were Democrats.

So while I certainly applaud the progress women made tonight, we still have a long way to go. Dnoald Goff, a columnist for the Daily Beast, has covered politics for outlets like the Washington Post and Cosmopolitan.

She served as a producer on the Netflix documentary Reversing Roe, which chronicles how abortion has shaped American politics. As I write this, Lady looking sex Donald every race has been called, and yet women have already shattered a multitude of glass ceilingsamong them: Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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